It’s always good to be yourself and embrace what you like in life. I think that makes you a happy person


It’s always good to be yourself and embrace what you like in life. I think that makes you a happy person - Adam Brennecke
**Update: **I made a mistake on the quote above, it is actually from Adam Brennecke of Obsidian (Star Wars: KOTOR II and Fallout: New Vegas, both great games!) . The quote is from the Penny Arcade Report about Project Eternity which is here.  The quote at the bottom of the article is Patrick's. It's also a great read if you're interested. Thanks to Patrick Wyatt for pointing that out.

StarCraft, a decade old game that still is being played today. It is one of the games that has shaped the real-time-strategy genre. It may be considered a classic today but it's interesting to see just how it came to be. The blog post by Patrick Wyatt tells the story of how StarCraft was rebuilt after a seeing competitor's demo.

The story gives a great insight into the world of game development and the business that surrounds it. After reading the story, some of the assumptions I have of game development became much more concrete. Game development may seem like the best job in the world but most people don`t seem to see past the games. The world of videogames is a tough business. The budgets for triple A games have grown tremendously but the time frame for release has stayed the same. You work for so long and release a game and it may not even be a hit. Such is the world of videogames.

People without a background in I.T. don`t seem to realize that it takes a studio, a group of very talented individuals, to make a game. It is not simply programming. There is gameplay design, level design, story, music, marketing and much more.

The post also has a lot of great tips for people on the software development world. One tip is below.

I later learned that sleep deprivation leads to other ill effects like memory loss because sleep is required for “memory consolidation”. And extensive sleep loss can also lead to depression, which is less about being “sad”, as I first thought as a naive youth, and more about changes in brain-chemistry that lead to an inability to function.-Patrick Wyatt
It`s a great read. Check out the full post here.

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