I'm a full-stack software developer in Toronto. I'm passionate about software development and the technology industry. I'm on a pursuit to be good at what I do through lots of hard work, learning and mentoring. On occasions, I do some photography, maintain two websites and write.

Welcome to the Blog.

There is more to this site than this page so make sure you check out this blog or my more random one. Send me a note if you find anything of use, find a broken link or would like to send any feedback. I write about technology and some of my other hobbies.

What I'm Dabbling in Recently

I'm currently messing around with Docker and learning a new Linux distro Elementary OS. Once I get some more time, I'd love to learn more on Rust or Go.

A little bit about my work.

Currently, I spend most of my time as a full stack developer for WorldGaming. In the past few years, I've worked on API development, microservices, single-page application (SPA) and proof-of-concepts.

Here's some of the stuff I normally use or I've used in the past

  • Backend Technologies: Java 6-8, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, SOA, SOAP, REST, Hibernate
  • Frontend Technologies: Javascript, NodeJs, AngularJS (1.0.x, 1.4.x), jQuery, JSTL, JSP, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML
  • OS/Platforms: Windows 7, Ubuntu, CentOS
  • Databases: Oracle, Postgres, Neo4j Graph
  • Others: Team Foundation Server, Clearcase, Jenkins, Weblogic, Ant, Maven, MyBatis, JIRA, Flyway, Git, RabbitMq


Say Hi

Click here or manually email me here: krisviceral [at] gmail dot com