10 Myths About Introverts

There are a lot of articles and information that talks about introverts. Sadly, most people still regard being an introverts as a bad thing.  We live in a world where you're supposed to be an extravert. You are supposed to be outgoing, making hundreds of friends, going on adventurous and so on. Well not everyone is like that and it is perfectly okay.

The article is has a pretty good list on how introverts act or do certain things. Not all introverts are like that though because the "level" of being an introvert is different for everyone. Some people are a good mix of both while others are on the extreme ends. Do remember that we're all individuals and no two people are completely the same. And a person shouldn't need to be who they are not just to fit it.

Just a side note, I like how the article is not too biased. There are articles which claim introverts are better and such. They (or rather we) are not. You are valued not because you have something or because you are part of a group. You should be valued for what strengths and accomplishments you have.