Frozen: Toronto's 2014 Ice Storm (Photo Gallery)

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Note: You can click any of the photos to start the slideshow. 7 of my "highlights" from the series.

It's been quite an interesting winter season for 2014. The weather has been brutally cold since December. How cold? It's now normal to see -20 to -30 degrees Celsius.  Compare that to -5 to -10 of past winters and you can really tell that this is some kind of winter. Anyway, one of the most interesting things that happened this season is the ice storm during Christmas week. What's an ice storm? It's pretty much what it sounds like, a storm that has freezing rain. I couldn't imagine what it would actually look like (still being relatively new to Toronto). I was quite surprised to see the after effects of such as storm. It's like something out of a video game. Since it might not come often (I hope not), I decided to head out one afternoon and take some shots. These were the results. Not the best shots but decent enough for my freezing hands during the time.