Here's a few ways you can follow the blog.


What if instead of looking at sites and seeing if there are any new posts, you could have a technology that gathered all the stories for you in one place? It exists and at this point, almost as old as the internet itself to some folks out there. It's the radio looking icon you see around. It's called Rich Site Summary or RSS . In the age of personalized feeds where you have no control over what content you can subscribe to and discover, RSS might be a nice technology for you to check out.

Anyway, if you want to be updated via RSS, you can use it with Feedly (an RSS app) or use the alternate link if you have a different app.

RSS Link:

Things you can do with RSS

With RSS and IFTTT, you can automate the internet. In short, IFTTT allows you to make events. For example, everytime I have a new blog post send me an email. You can change it to a weekly email. You could get a notification on your phone.

With IFTTT, the limit becomes your imagination! You could change the color of your lights when I get a new post. You could play a Spotify playlist when I have a new post. You can set it to order pizza if there's a new post. You can keep my posts on a spreadsheet. You can turn on your Roomba or start your smart dishwasher. I don't know. People are weird.

Check out what you can do with RSS and IFTTT below.

Email or Newsletter

Do you want me to fax my blog posts? Photo by / Unsplash

Kris, why don't I see those popups to subscribe via Email or get a Newsletter from your website every 3 seconds on your site? Short answer: I value your email, I do not want to store it insecurely and I have no plans to sell it.

Long answer: People collect your email for a reason. It could be to sell it to some business, to sell you something or do analytics on you. I have no interest in any of those and I see no value in getting your email. It's personal data you should keep close to you. It can be more personal than a phone number if businesses can link it to your social media data.

Also with the European Union privacy law or GDPR in effect May 2018, there's now a lot more management to your data. You can request for it to beleted. There needs to be consent and so on. Rightfully so. Having a Newsletter or Email at that point in time, requires me to spend a lot more time to manage the data and it's security and the content. For now, I don't have big enough goals that I'd take time to properly and securely manage a Newsletter or Email subscription.

Alternatives (Subscribe to any blog)

If you still want to subscribe to my blog via Email for whatever reason, check out the RSS section above.