Hello, I'm Kris

I'm a software developer in Toronto, Canada. On a pursuit to be the good at what I do through lots of hard work, learning, experimentation and mentoring. When I'm not working, I like to do a variety of things like dabble in photography, be amazed at design, watch cooking shows, read up on IT, remind myself to blog, play some videogames or catch up on some basketball.

The Why

For a little background, I came to Canada after living all my life back in the Philippines and graduated (with honors) in BS Computer Science at (UST) in Manila. As a kid growing up, I've always been fascinated by games, its design and intricacy. This curiosity led me to knowing more about computers and gadgets. I love to tinker around, customize and maximize gadgets. It's been a great time growing up along with the advancement of IT. Some notable things:  The internet is now taken for granted, cellphones are now the definition of a "personal computer", Microsoft fulfilling their "one PC per home" and hey social media and the ability to talk to anyone at any moment. I can't wait for Minority Report/Iron Man user interfaces, holograms and it will be exciting to see whatever we come up next.

I've always been passionate about IT. I chose software development because it's fun to have the ability to create new things. What you create may not always be the next Facebook or Google search but it's an awesome ability to have nonetheless. Have you ever thought about "this would be cool to have"? In programming, sometimes imagination and time is the only barrier. If you think it, you could create it. You have the freedom to. It's a science and art in itself.

Where you can find me on "The Internet"

Things I'm Working On (Right Now)

  • Personal Blog
  • Work/Resume Site
  • Photography Site

Writing post 2014

A lot of things change, people, environment, perspective and more. A few years ago, I loved to write all the time. I had the time and the enthusiasm. At one point, I lost both. Work and some changes in my life have really taken it's toll and gotten most of my time and energy. Looking back a things. the thirteen it 2013 was really not one of the best years. I've been writing on and off the past two years although more privately but I couldn't get myself to write on the other things I'm passionate about. Maybe it was something equivalent to of artists block or maybe it was the timing, I can't really put my finger on it.

Now that a few things have settled down, I thought it was time to look back and revisit everything on this site and look at what I want to accomplish. After thinking about it for some time, the message is still the same actually. Write for myself. Write what I want to and when I want to. Write for the fun of it. Write for the hell of it. This is another fresh start and a new chapter.

The Story Behind This Blog

A lot of things have changed since I first wrote the piece below, I like to keep it the way it is for a reminder of how I got into where I am now with this blog. 

A lot of articles and guides will tell you that a successful blog is one that has carved out a niche. It specializes in talking about, reviewing, ranting or advancing that niche. It’s true. Look at your favorite sites and you’ll notice it usually has one big topic whether that be technology, sports, fashion, etc.

I will tell you personally that this blog has years worth of memorable content (for me at least) yet it does not follow that tip. Years? The posts made don’t backup my claims. Rather than simply mean the date and number of posts, I’m referring to the years I’ve been blogging. This current blog is probably the 4th or 5th iteration of what I always wanted to have, a place to write about almost anything and have fun while doing it.

The first blog that I made is from highschool (which is still online and hidden from the world [luckily]). It was a time way before the net 2.0 design phases, something called Friendster and laughable DSL speeds. It looks horrible, design coming in my first few months with Photoshop. I thought it was cool. Notebook paper background, index paper as a logo, crappy low resolution picture with friends. I even asked a professional graphic designer to give a critique to my work. Looking back, he must have had a hearty laugh. Lots and lots. Anyway, the content of the site was fun. I could compare its theme to cracked.com website. It was fun doing that and not caring about niche, audience, ads, stats or traffic.

Fast forward to a few years ago and my nth intention to make another blog. There lies the first mistake. It had a purpose other than my own. I wanted to try having ads. I wanted it to shape out like a decent technology blog (sort of like a b-list celebrity). There is nothing actually wrong with that. What it did do was take the fun out of blogging. If you don’t know, there are requirements before you can post ads in your site. Some ad services like Google’s own has a long list of rules. That is not enough though, you have a better chance of being accepted into the service if you blog and specialize about a certain niche.

There are many reasons why that iteration of the blog never really got accepted (and I can’t blame them, it was terrible). First, lack of quality content. Sometimes I posted for the sake of posting. Second, terrible name and no domain name. Probably add to that, a generic design and you have a recipe for a failure. What made it fail on a more personal reason is that I started to limit myself. I limited on what I could write. It’s like censoring myself. It took the fun out of writing.

Coming back from a vacation after a few stressful stretches, I wanted to start again. I feel rejuvenated. I had that craving to write again. I wouldn’t think about ads, traffic or similar. I just want to write or post on the things I’m passionate at.

I’m finally here at WordPress. I have a lot of features that I thought were missing from blogger. I have a domain. I have a design that I feel is pretty darn cool. A fresh new start indeed!