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  1. We are LIVE! Now with Docker and Ghost

    It's been quite a while since my last post. Although I haven't been blogging much, I

    Kris Viceral random ramblings, docker, ghost
  2. Be A Manager and Some Qualities I Like About Management and Leadership

    Update: Added the last two sections Article Inspiration: Be A Manager and Some Qualities I Like

    Kris Viceral leader, leadership, manager, software development, work life
  3. Frozen: Toronto's 2014 Ice Storm (Photo Gallery)

    [gallery ids="1139,1143,1146,1142,1140,1144,1145,1141"] Note: You can click any of

    Kris Viceral ice storm, Photography, Toronto
  4. Save Your Data: Tips for Local, Remote and Online Backup

    One of the only moments that I remember to backup my data is either when I'm

    Kris Viceral Backup, Crashplan, hard drives, NAS
  5. Instagram and Smartphone Challenge

    So Instagram? It's pretty easy to hate. People posting pictures of their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Kris Viceral instagram, Photography
  6. Introduction to Web Services and REST

    I'm back with a new series of tutorials! This series of posts aims to discuss web

    Kris Viceral Java API for RESTful Web Services, Jersey, JSON, Representational state transfer, Service-Oriented Architecture, Spring MVC, Web service
  7. Laptop Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Laptop

    A lot of people have asked me on recommendations on buying computers and other gadgets and

    Kris Viceral buying guide, Gaming PC, Intel, laptop, Ultrabook
  8. Insights: Interview with Patrick Wyatt, co-founder of ArenaNet, former VP of R and D at Blizzard

    As a "rookie" developer, I love to read about software development. I'm always interested in seeing

    Kris Viceral
  9. Create your own local repository and solve yum related problems

    YUM is a great tool that makes installing things in linux so clean and easy. Unfortunately,

    Kris Viceral
  10. Upgrade What Matters More by Jay Alonzo

    people look at your photo and admire it (or hate it) based on what they see

    Kris Viceral Camera, Photography
  11. Code.Org: What Most Schools Don't Teach I saw this post being reshared on my Facebook

    Kris Viceral
  12. Something to Note: MS Office 2013 Licenses Tied to Hardware

    Something to Note: MS Office 2013 Licenses Tied to Hardware *Update March 6: *According to this

    Kris Viceral Google Docs, LibreOffice, License, microsoft office
  13. And... We're Back!

    [caption id="attachment932" align="aligncenter" width="300"]hand_poster" title="" /> Back from the internet dead.. Image

    Kris Viceral
  14. 10 Myths About Introverts

    10 Myths About Introverts There are a lot of articles and information that talks about introverts.

    Kris Viceral Extraversion and introversion
  15. It’s always good to be yourself and embrace what you like in life. I think that makes you a happy person

    It’s always good to be yourself and embrace what you like in life. I think

    Kris Viceral Patrick Wyatt, StarCraft