Kris Viceral

Kris Viceral

Software developer, tinkerer and tech enthusiast. Send me a note at krisviceral at gmail

  1. How Do You Become Better?

    Experience. It seems so painfully obvious in retrospect but I didn't really fully understand until recently.

    Kris Viceral software development
  2. Firebase: Deploy in No Time

    I'm trying out this really cool service called Firebase and just wanted to do share it.

    Kris Viceral software development, firebase
  3. Adieu

    Nervousness. Excitement. Pressured. Determined. Surely, much much more. In a matter of days, I'm off to

    Kris Viceral me
  4. Getting Up and Running with Polymer Starter Kit on Windows

    Most of the time Sometimes Windows doesn't play well with development tools out there. I'm trying

    Kris Viceral software development, polymer, javascript
  5. Tutum: A Docker Platform

    Docker is great and i've talked about it a few times now. One thing that you

    Kris Viceral software development, docker
  6. Video: Dockerized Development Environments

    I'm subscribed to Docker's Youtube channel where they share some fascinating conference videos. The video embedded

    Kris Viceral software development, docker
  7. Resources for Better Javascript

    I've been developing in Java for a few years now. Through experience and studies, I've had

    Kris Viceral software development, tutorial, javascript
  8. Updated Resume

    Work has been quite busy the past month. Haven't had some sit-down time to write new

    Kris Viceral resume
  9. A Few Gotcha's in Javascript

    Javascript is quite an interesting language. It's easy to pick up. It's one of the choices

    Kris Viceral software development, tutorial, javascript
  10. Explaining the Code: Log Analytics Kata

    The Problem Recently, I worked on a programming problem or a kata based on the problem

    Kris Viceral Java, Programming Puzzle, software development, kata, rest
  11. Deploying in the Cloud: Spring-Boot MVC Application with Docker

    Introduction I was working on a programming kata after seeing this question posted on Quora. I'll

    Kris Viceral Spring MVC, tutorial, nginx, docker, kata
  12. Download: Logstash Forwarder (with Windows Fix)

    Problem If you are working on Logstash-Forwarder on Windows then you may have encountered the issue

    Kris Viceral logstash, elasticsearch, elk
  13. Polymer is 1.0 - Google Keynote

    Polymer is modern approach to building web apps. It recently hit the 1.0 milestone and

    Kris Viceral polymer, frontend
  14. Setup a Ghost Blog with a Domain Name using Docker and Nginx

    A little background Scroll down a bit to get to the actual tutorial. This was quite

    Kris Viceral tutorial, nginx, docker, ghost
  15. We are LIVE! Now with Docker and Ghost

    It's been quite a while since my last post. Although I haven't been blogging much, I

    Kris Viceral random ramblings, docker, ghost